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Event Parking Enforcement Notice

The Pocomoke City Police Department would like to officially welcome all guests and attendees to the Dock Jams event on 10/7/2023. We hope that you enjoy yourself and the beautiful downtown area of Pocomoke City.

We ask for all guest and attendees to be mindful and considerate when parking your vehicle in our downtown area. We ask that you do not block private driveways, fire hydrants, handicap parking, etc.… and obey all parking laws. We further ask that you do not park in a matter that obstructs the follow of traffic on any of our streets. Should you not adhere to the laws and this request, enforcement actions may be necessary.

Private property owners if you are not permitting public parking on your property, we recommend you post your property. Again, we thank you for your cooperation and hope that you have a great and safe time. 


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