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Police Accountability Act

   In 2021, the Maryland Legislature passed the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021. This law requires all counties to create three police oversight boards, each of which serves a different function. The three police oversight boards are:

   1. Police Accountability Board
   2. Administrative Charging Committee

   3. Trial Board

   Beginning July 1, 2022, civilian complaint of police misconduct at the Pocomoke City Police Department must follow the process created by Worcester County Resolution 22-14. Civilians can file a complaint through the Pocomoke City Police Department at:

   Pocomoke City Police Department
   1500 Market Street
   Pocomoke City, MD 21851
Or directly with the Police Accountability Board at:
   The Worcester County Government Center
   1 West Main Street, Room 1103
   Snow Hill, MD 21863


   The standard complaint form and receipt is located below. After receipt of the complaint, the Pocomoke City Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation. After the conclusion of the investigation, the investigative file and findings will be forwarded to the Police Accountability Board for further review.

    To download a form and receipt: Click Here

Accountability Investigations of 2023:

PCPD Case #

Investigation Completed -

 Administrative Charging -

Offer of Discipline

-Trial Board-

Ultimate Discipline-



On 5/1/23 Internal
investigation completed
for allegations of Conduct
Unbecoming. Internal
Investigation was
unfounded and Non-
Sustained. Complete
report and findings were
forwarded to PAB.


Charges dismissed


Dismissed / Unfounded


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