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From the Desk of the Chief

The past few days have been extremely hard on many of us, especially myself. I started my law enforcement career at the Crisfield Police Department many years ago. During this time, I worked closely with Glenn and we became close friends that stayed in contact for many years to come. D/SGT. Harmon was our first supervisor during our law enforcement career, while at the Crisfield Police Department, and I’m sure together Glenn and I had given D/SGT. Harmon many gray hairs. Glenn and I enjoyed working together, we both were hard chargers. In the past few days, I’ve tried to remember every moment Glenn and I worked together and enjoyed each other’s company. There are many moments that caused smiles and some tears. Sheriff Lewis said it right, Glenn was special. He had the personality in which you were just going to like him no matter what. A true genuine person. One of very few police officers I never heard anyone say anything bad about.

On 6/12/22, our law enforcement community lost a wonderful person, great man, and a true hero. Although right now I’m hurting and angry, as well as many others, we all will honor Glenn and his family by pushing forward through these heart wrenching times to ensure evil will never win. Light will always shine in the darkest of hours, and the thin blue line will always prevail. Stand tall and honor him. Thank You all for your support over the past few difficult days.

Chief Arthur R. Hancock


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